Aqua Distel S

Product Properties:

  • Non Toxic, extremely powerful oxidizing solution
  • Highly effective against nearly all germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi with contact time 1-5 min and even Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (2.3x10⁹) CFU/ml after 1 min‹1 at 1 min)
  • Free of Detergent, Phosphate, Enzymes, Scent-and coloring, Emulsifying agents and Stabilizers
  • Compatible with sensitive material
  • Natural friendly, pollution free, biologically degradable

Aqua Distel S is an environmental cleaning and disinfectant agent suitable for people with allergies.

It is a modern, powerful disinfectant solution which is highly suitable for medical instrument. It has a 2.5-3.5 PH value and therefore acts as a strong oxidizing agent with a Redox-Potential of 1200mv



  • Aqua Distel Sconsists of the four most powerful oxidants:
  • Hypochlorous acid/Hypochlorite
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Water
  • Matastable Compounds (Ozone, Oxygen, Chlorine)

Area of Application:

  • Aqua Distel S can be used safely for the disinfection of instruments in Hospital, Medical and Dental clinics.

Direction for use and Dosage:

Aqua Distel S can be used with a concentration of 1%

  • Add 10 ml of Aqua Distel S to 1 liter of clean water (contact time 15 min)
  • Add 25 ml of Aqua Distel S to 1 liter of clean water (contact time 10 min)


  • Aqua Distel S can be used within one week after preparation at room temperature taking into consideration the expiry date written on bottle


  • Aqua Distel S is available in 1 Liter bottle

Ref: Industrial Research Institution-Lebanon IRI #5229/1436/273253/2014 




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